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  •     The Cassette Transfer Cart is used to collect the cassettes from each mobile workstations and deliver them to the pharmacy in the hospital. The carts are also used to distribute the cassettes to each mobile stations after the prescriptions are filled. To promote seamless integration between our products, the information about the medicine in each drawer is wirelessly transmitted to the corresponding mobile station.

        The modular design of the Cassette Transfer Cart ensures smooth and accurate distribution. The cart can be assembled according to different user requirements. Each cart has a maximum capacity of 12 cassettes.

        The Cassette Transfer Carts are also equipped with power drive casters which helps automatic movement of the cart.  

        The outside surface of the cassette and Cassette Transfer Cart are coated with antimicrobial materials.

        Each Cassette Transfer Cart comes with electronic locks to ensure the medicine's safety during transport and storage. 

        Two speed control buttons and one emergency stop button are mounted on the Cassette Transfer Cart to regulate moving speed and if necessary, forcefully stop the power drive casters. This is all to provide a safe and smooth operational enviornment. 

        Specifications of the Cassette Transfer Cart with 12 cassettes: 
        47" length, 31" width, 48" high, 200lb gross weight
        the picture above shows the transfer cart with 12 cassettes 



  • 关闭.png

    Cassette Transfer Cart door is closed and locked

    打开 含药箱.png

    Cassette Transfer Cart door is open

    打开 不含药箱.png

    Cassette Transfer Cart door is open and empty


    Cassette Transfer Cart door is open and pull out the cassette

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