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    Working surface (at the highest position) to the ground830mm
    Working surface (at the highest position) to the ground1150mm
    Adjustable distance of main lift column320mm
    Adjustable distance of AIO lift column100mm


         Healthlink -4000 is a bulky materials and IV distribution system. .
        1. Power Driving System: two electric casters help workstations in the case of full load  by moving back and forth at 2mph.
        2. The Battery Swap System: Healthlink 4000 is equipped with two battery systems which can alternate power supply and ensure that the workstations are able to sustain prolong usage.
        3. Double Lock Medication Drawer and IV Drugs Drawer: The locking mechanism is activated through the touchscreen and both drawers will be secured with mechanical and electrical locks.
        4.Barcode Scanner and Recognition: The caretaker has the ability to scan the patient’s wristband and their corresponding drug/pill container in order to ensure that the correct drug and the correct amount is given.
        5. Easy Operation: Most operations are done at the 7" touch screen in the work table.
        6. Multifunction Keyboard Tray and Keyboard Lighting: the keyboard can be easily opened, closed or tilted. The two mice frames can be rotated in or out. Keyboard lights are automatically turned on when the workstation is in ambient darkness.
        7. Multifunction AIO Stand: AIO (All In One computer) is tiltable and can be swiveled manually or shifted up or down to fit ergonomic requirements.
        8. Modular Design: Healthlink 4000  is assembled with 4 main kits:  base, main lifting column, working table ,double lock medication drawer and IV drugs drawer. Each module has a different desigs so that our customer can fit their workstation to custom specifications.
        9. Failure Protection: Overcurrent, power outage protection etc.
        10. Optimized Structure: We build only with the best materials and components and maintain easy installation and maintenance so to optimize user experience.
        11. Compact Design and Aesthetic Appearance: This is to ensure easier cleaning but also allows the workstation to be less intimadating to the patient.