Wall Arm Work Station

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  • Wall Arm Work Station Specifications

    Horizontal Rotation Angle0°~180°
    Vertical Adjustment1000mm
    Horizontal Adjustment1000mm
    Loading Weight

    Wall-mounted Workstation
    The Wall-mounted Workstation is a simple, foldable structure that has a small footprint and is extremely easy to use.It is placed near the bed so the attending nurse can always see the patient information and update any details easily.

    We designed the double four bars-link, gas springs combined structure to handle a large capacity and long working distance. It remains stable in any position;  
    1. Unique anti-drift and damping structure which is more in line with ergonomic needs, easier usage, stability and security;
    2. Video conferences on the workstation can be used for remote patients and health care professionals;
    3. Patient can also use the station as entertainment centers.

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